DIY Book Planter Tutorial

Stuck at home thanks to COVID-19?  Here's a fun DIY succulent planter project that doesn't require a trip to the store. 

What you will need:

  • - 300+ page hardcover book
  • - Box cutter or X-Acto knife
  • - Scrap foam (or anything that will hold stems in place)
  • - Clippers to shorten stems (we used needle-nose pliers)
  • - Artificial Succulents (Click here to view the pack featured in this tutorial
  • Step 1: Find Your Starting Point

    Open your book to an early page (avoid bland pages containing chapter guides or publisher info).  Add a crease to your selection to keep it out of the way during the cutting process. 

    Step 2: Get Cutting! 

    Use your blade to cut a rectangle with a one inch margin relative to the outer edge of the page.  The goal is to cut 10-20 pages at a time, but this can vary based on blade sharpness.  Keep at it until you have cut at least 300 pages out of your book.     

    *TO AVOID RISK OF SERIOUS INJURY, you should limit your cuts to whatever you can do in SAFE and CONTROLLED manner.  It may take longer, but you will have all of your fingers when you are finished.  If you do not believe you can safely handle a blade, do not attempt this project.

    Step 3: Add Foam

    Find some small pieces of foam to act as your base.  Can't find any foam to use as a base?  Get creative!  Think kitchen sponges, wax candles, etc.  You can even use some hard-packed dirt (lay down plastic wrap first to avoid the potential mess).

    Step 4: Shorten Stems if Necessary

    We cut this one to keep it from sticking up too high.  The rest had stems of an appropriate length.

    Step 5: Create Your Masterpiece!

    Start from the center with an "anchor" piece and work your way outward.  Save a few smaller succulents to fill any remaining gaps.


    Thanks for reading!  Want to tackle this project yourself?  You can buy the succulent pack featured in this tutorial here.